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You could get back more money than you think or at least lower your tax bill. A number of COVID relief provisions may be claimed in full only through your tax return.

Some tax credit rules have become more advantageous as a result of the pandemic. And you may find yourself eligible for some tax breaks for the first time due to COVID.

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  1. Not reporting all your income
  2. Taking large charitable contributions
  3. Deducting business meals travel and entertainment
  4. Claiming 100% business use of your vehicle
  5. Writing off a loss for a hobby activity
  6. Claiming the home office deduction
  7. Taking an alimony deduction
  8. Claiming rental losses
  9. Running a cash intensive small business, e.g. taxis, hair salons, car washes, bars, restaurants, etc.
  10. Failing to report a foreign bank account


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