​​Five things young adults should consider when buying health insurance:

1.    What will insurance do for me?
2.    Can I afford it?
3.    What if I don’t buy insurance?
4.    How can I tell what plan is right for me?
5.    What should I consider?

Buying health insurance can be a confusing and complicated process.  We can help you take the guess work out of finding a plan that is right for you. Contact us today for a free consultation. Want to get a quote and compare plan options?  Click on the link below.


We have over 25 years experience and are here to help you navigate the complicated health care reform maze. Call us today at (916) 487-4632, or e-mail at rhg@gutfeld.com if you have any questions or would like a review of your current health insurance policy.

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november 1, 2015   

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